Must be at least 21 years old to adopt

Please fill the application out in FULL, incomplete applications will be deleted.

 Please know and understand that prior to filling out the application for a dog,  you are agreeing to us calling your veterinarian and verifying vaccine records you also agree to our coming to your home or another rescue coming to your home for a home visit.  Please know that you will be required to sign an adoption contract to finalize the adoption.

If you do not agree to the above requirements, please don't waste your time on the application.

The enter key will automatically act as the "submit button" and you'll end up sending an incomplete application.
To move between questions you must use the TAB key or the MOUSE.

Today's Date
Adopter's First Name
Adopter's Last Name
Adopter's Address
Adopter's City
Adopter's State
Adopter's Zip
Work Phone
Adopter's Home Phone (if Home is Cell, enter below) 
Adopter's Cell Phone

If another adult lives with you, please give the first and last names of all the other adults in the home (not you) 

List their relationships to you?

Are you interested in a specific dog? YesNo
If 'yes' which one?
Would you consider a Mix?  YesNoMaybePrefer Mix
Do you have a gender preference?
Do you have a color preference? YesNo
If yes what color?
Are you looking for indoor or outdoor dog?
What Age Range are you looking for? 


Have you ever owned a German Shepherd? YesNo

Please list the characteristics you'd like in your new pet: (check all that apply)
Good with children
Good with other pets
Feel free to list Other Characteristics

Please list what roles in the home you'd like your new pet to fill (check all that apply)
Companion Family Pet
Obedience Trials
List any Other roles you would want your dog to fill in your home:
To help with bonding between you and your new dog, we recommend that you attend obedience classes. 
Would an obedience class in your area be something that you would be willing to do? YesNo 
If you checked "No" please explain why not:

(If the home is in someone else's name, please explain at the end of the application in the "Comments".)
If you rent, the Owner's Name & Phone number are required below.
Owner's Name
Owner's Phone

Where will your dog stay when you are NOT home?
How many hours will your dogs be home alone?
Do you have a crate? YesNo
Describe your feelings about crating?
Describe where your dog will stay when you ARE home?
Where will your dog sleep at night?
Do you have a completely fenced in yard no gaps? (dog cannot exit yard)?  Yes No
Type of fence
Fence Height
If partial fence say below where fence is missing and how will you potty and exercise your dog?

If no fence explain below how will you potty and exercise your dog?

How many Adults live in the home
How many Children in your home
(please include weekend visitations)
Please list the ages and genders of the children

 Are you expecting a Child? Yes  No
Does anyone in the home have allergies to dogs? Yes   No

Do you currently have any dogsYesNo 

Please list ALL of the Dogs currently in the home: Name,  Age, Gender & Breed
Do you currently have any catsYes   No
Please list ALL of the Cats currently in the home: Name,  Age and Gender
Please list any Other Pets in the home, (Birds, rabbits, snakes, etc.)

Are ALL of your Dogs & Cats spayed and neutered?Yes   No
If one or all are not spayed or neutered please tell us which are not and why not for example; planning to breed, too young, etc

Have you had dogs in the past?

1) Please give us the dog's name and breed?

2) Why you no longer have them, if died how, if given away why and who?

3) What year did they pass away or were given away? 

Examples: Fido, German Shepherd, died from cancer in 2020 
FeFe, Lab, gave to neighbor because she was biting our kids in 2018


Are your dogs currently taking a Heartworm Preventive?  YesNo
If Not taking a Heartworm Preventive please tell us why not
 Are all of your pets current on their vaccinations YesNo
If they are Not Current on their  Vaccinations please tell us why not
Current Veterinary Practice Name

Is this where your pet received vaccines? 
Please fill out even if the dog is deceased.
Current Vet Phone

If the "Current Veterinary Practice" above only saw your pet for an illness, injury or if you've gone there for less than 5 years please fill in the name and phone to the Vet practice or practices you visited previously below.
Other or Previous Vet Name
Other or Previous Vet Phone

The Veterinary Practices now require your authorization to release information.  We do call your veterinarian.  Please contact your Veterinary Practice giving your permission for us to discuss your pet's records. 

When we call your vet and permission has not been given to release information to us regarding care for your pet, we will delete your application, our time is precious too.

Your Occupation
Employers Name
Employers Phone
Second Adult in Home Occupation
2nd Adult Employers Name
2nd Adult  Employers Phone

Please give 3 personal references below:

Please list the name, address and phone number (with area code) of a personal reference

Please list the name, address and phone number (with area code) of a second personal reference

Please list the name, address and phone number (with area code) of a third personal reference

Are you willing to sign an Adoption Contract YesNo
Or more that you'd like us to know about your family? 
Feel free to write them here:

Are you at least 21 years old?  
What is your age?
Don't leave it blank!

Have you missed any of the questions?  

If the application is not filled out in full, it will be deleted.

By clicking the 'submit' button I certify that the above information is true. I further certify that I am 21 years old or older, I am financially and physically able to care for this animal. I understand that proper food and veterinary care can be costly and I am able to meet these obligations. I understand that a home visit will be made prior to adoption, that veterinarians will be called and that I will be signing a contract.

If any information contained in this application is found to be false, your application will automatically be rejected.

Please only hit the SUBMIT button Once (it takes a little while to think)