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Sammy is a loving 9yr old purebred Bichon Frise that has been part of our family since he was 9 weeks old. 

He will be current on his rabies vaccination and heartworm. He has been neutered and received his other shots in 2009. 

In February of this year(2017) he got his teeth cleaned and had 4 front bottom teeth pulled. 

We know that a new home will be in his best interests because we have not been able to give him the same amount of love and attention that he was accustomed to before the birth of our son in June of this year. He was accustomed to being "our only baby" and his normal routine included sleeping on our bed at night, sleeping on furniture, and receiving a good amount of cuddles and rubbing his tummy. After our son was born Sammy started to show behaviors to gain attention, primarily peeing in our home randomly and on our son's belongings or when he did not get the attention. 

As much as we believe that Sammy could come out of wearing a diaper in the right environment, the family that adopts him should be ok whether he is able to break this habit or not. Sammy would most likely thrive in an environment where he would be a significant part of the family activities. He is well mannered at home and does not bark a lot except when the mailman comes daily. He has some anxiety when grooming or vet visits but does well with his established groomer in Chesterland and has a great relationship with her but does take acepromazone for grooming. He may be suited well for a family with older or no children as this way he could be more of the center of attention. 

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