Courtesy Post for her rescuers


Sadie is a 7 year old spayed female and is also up to date on vaccines.

 Sadie’s owner fell and is now in a nursing home. She hoped to got Sadie back someday but doctor said that will not happen. Sadie has been boarding since last November. When her owner released her to be adopted we found a great home in 3 days. For the first 2 weeks Sadie was good then she attacked to new owners dog just because he walked by the water bowl. We are having a hard time finding someone that doesn’t have other dogs or cats to place her. Can you help us locate interested people.
Thanks,  Shari
PS She really is a sweet girl that wants to please 

She is a very sweet loving dog that loves to play and get a belly rub once in awhile. She needs to be in a home that does not have any other animals, as Sadie likes to be the center of attention. I am not sure how she is with children, but with adults she does terrific. Sadie loves to play with her toys, and loves to get dressed up in her bandanas. She came from a home that had a single elderly lady; and unfortunately due to health reasons her previous owner is no longer able to care for her. 

Thank you, Jenn


To adopt this dog please Contact Shari or Jenn at

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