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This is Riggs. He is roughly 8 months old and we acquired him not to long ago from someone that could no longer care for him. He was just neutered and had rabies done in August.

He is in a home with another bigger male dog and does fine with him. 

He is not good with small dogs & cats we have noticed. He chases small dogs and cats like prey and barks at them until they are out of site.

He is in a home with small children and has showed no signs of aggression with them but I would prefer he goes to a home with slightly older children due to being a puppy who still nips and he does so occasionally but has never harmed a child. 

He is a nervous dog and has been since we brought him to our home. By nervousness I mean he cowers down for a moment, unsure why he does this but we are trying to break him of doing so by encouraging him to not be scared with treats and everything. He is also very vocal and does not like being crated (not a good dog for an apartment). 

He is 95% potty trained as long as he is taken out. We are rehoming him due to a change in our daily lives requiring longer hours at work and one of us that stayed home daily with him is now starting work. 

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