We Need Foster Homes

Jerry & Micky's New Home

One Sunday morning, Jerry wouldn't let his "mom" sleep in, he went into Matt's (pictured left of Jerry) bedroom and barked and barked and barked.  When he couldn't wake Matt, he went into his mom & dad's bedroom and barked and barked and barked. . .  Mom followed Jerry into Matt's room but couldn't see anything.  But because she chose to listen to Jerry's warnings she chose to put Matt in bed with his dad. 

Jerry kept trying to " talk to mom" and get her back to Matt's bedroom. . . .  When she did go back in to see what Jerry was "talking about" . . .  Matt's bedding went up in flames.

Matt and the family are safe because of Jerry, a once unwanted pet.





 Mickey, Megan & Jerry

Mickey too was once an unwanted pet, today he shares a home with a family that adores both of their "unwanted" boys!


And. . . There's Charlie, yes Charlie too was surrendered to us and he too has been adopted by this loving home. Sorry, no Charlie pictures.