Do you want your dog to find a good, loving home? 

If the answer is yes, then there are a few things we'll need from you.

Contact - we must have a phone number to reach you. You MUST answer our emails within a day.  If we ask you to answer questions for a prospective adopter and we send you their phone number you MUST call them within a day.  We need to know where your dog is located (how far from prospective new homes).

If we email you, call you and you do not respond within a very short, reasonable time, your dog will be removed from the website.  

We both work two jobs, have our own dogs and families to take care of . . . we're busy too, but we find the time to help you with your dog, please be considerate of us, by staying in touch.

Why? - why does your dog need a new home?  Are you losing your home? Had a baby and now it's just too much? Has your dog ever growled and showed teeth at someone, has it bitten anyone? We need to know why, because prospective adopters will ask us and want to know why your dog is posted on our website.  

The Write up - tell us ALL about your dog.  What is your dog's age,  does it like other dogs, cats, kids.  Does your dog like to ride in the car, go for walks, play fetch, play frisbee?  What does your dog do that you think makes him/her special?  Is your dog spayed or neutered, up to date on shots?  Tell us all about your dog, write a little story or write up on your dog, in your words. . . they are better than our wordsThe write up is almost as important as the photos.

Photographs - Take your time!!!  Dogs are not always cooperative when trying to take pictures. Be patient with your dog! If it helps mix up your favorite beverage, relax and just start snapping pictures.  Send LOTS of pictures please. We can sort thru them for the best shots to feature your dog.  

PLEASE keep in mind if your dog is black or dark or has a lot of black in it, keep it out of the shadows don't have something black behind your black dog, don't put your black dog on your black asphalt driveway or in front of the bluejeans of the person holding your dog.  If your dog is brown & black, don't place your dog in front of your wood furniture or brown sofa.  Use the outdoors for your shots, if indoors turn on ALL the lights and watch that your flash doesn't distort the eyes too much.  We can fix some of the "green" flash eyes, but if the flash has distorted the area around the eyes we can't fix that.

Please try to keep people out of the shots, unless it's one of those precious kid/dog shots, then we will "blur" out the child's face.

Do NOT "place" your photos in the body of the email, "attach" the jpg or gif files, when sending them in email, otherwise they will be too small to use for the website.

Please DO NOT put your pictures in a Word Document, send the original jpg or gif files, they blur when trying to put your pictures into a graphics program.

Your dog's photos will also help to get him/her adopted.  Not your dog's back or turned to the side, but the face, people fall in love with the faces.  

If your dog hasn't seen a vet in a very long time that doesn't mean we won't help, but we need to know if your dog is up to date on shots, spayed or neutered, again, we just need to know your dog's history.

Email us your photos and your write-up at:

Thank you,

Deb & Jan