This is what his family told us about him.

Panzer was originally adopted by his current family from someone who could no longer keep him.  He again needs a home due to their moving by the end of February.

UPDATE: Panzer's family moved. . . he's now fostering with me (jan).  

We've since learned that I am now poor Panzer's FOURTH home.  

He's at least  7 years old, neutered, had his vet check and is now up to date on all of his shots, he had a good checkup, he's housebroken and crate trained.  He is doing very well with my Raven & Rocky and he's fine with my two cats.

I don't have to crate him when I leave, he loves to go for rides. . . I think he thinks he's going home when he gets in the car. . . poor baby.  Panzer "talks" he tells you when he's hungry, tells you when he wants to go out and there are times that I'm not sure what he's telling me, but he tries to tell me. 

Panzer's "talking" is anxiety . . .  He's been tossed so much in his years.  Because he is a "senior" I would like Panzer to be with an adult home with no other dogs.

Panzer is a BIG boy, he weighed in at 88 lbs at the vet.  

UPDATE his name is now Gabriel (Gabe) and he's one of my joys.

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