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This is what we're told:

About a year ago I took in a stray, tried to find owners but no one ever claimed her. 

Vet says retriever, shepherd mix. I got laid off and now am forced to sell my home and move to an apt. They do not allow pets. She is a beautiful, well behaved dog. 

She is approx. 2 yrs old, medium size about 60lbs, she is house trained...never goes in the house, she listens to commands, she is very playful, likes kids, other dogs and cats.  She is spayed and up to date on her shots.

She has no aggression issues with people. She can be a little pushy with other dogs, just jealous...wanting all the attention but she is not aggressive. She is an excellent dog. I have had no problems with her chewing anything or going in the house ....ever!! I have never asked a rescue to take a dog, I feel terrible but I don't want her in a pound as she is a very special dog and would make someone a wonderful friend.

I (jan) had a chance to meet Lacy, her pictures make her look larger than she is, she's not a big girl at all,  she's a sweet little girl, a little timid at first but very sweet.



Ah com'on - trying to sleep here


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