* Courtesy Post for Owner: MOVING NOVEMBER 7th!!!

Below is what was emailed to us for information: 

I am getting a divorce and moving. I can not bring my dogs with me and my daughter. I need to find them a great new forever home. This is very hard on us to do. 

So it is urgent we find them a great forever home.

Joe is half German Shepherd half Husky. He is a senior dog at 11 years old. Weighs 41 pounds and is up to date with rabie shots. He has always been with Lucy. Before Lucy he was with our Irish Setter that passed away. Then we got Lucy. Joe has never been around cats or babies. He likes to go for rides in the car and enjoys walks. Joe likes his picture taken. He is camera shy. He has only been alone by himself for 6 months before we adopted Lucy.

Lucy is 3 years old. She is half German Shepherd half CoonHound. Weighs 60-65 pounds. Lucy is very playful. She has grown attached to Joe. Lucy has never been without Joe. 

Lucy enjoys car rides, walks , playing and being involved in what your doing. Lucy is full of energy since she is only 3 years old. Lucy has never been aroynd cats or other dogs except Joe. She has not been around babies. Joe is more laid back. Both will lay right by you and love to cuddle. Lucy is up to date on her rabies. 

Joe and Lucy are both neutered and spade.It would be awesome if we come find a new forever home together. Since they never have been a part. That would be the ideal situation. We need to find someone who will love them and care for them forever. Knowing that they are going to be loved and cared in a great home.

Please help us find them a great forever home hopefully together. 

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