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 A Dog's Hope Fulfilled. . . . 

Eric, Amber, Lisa & Max

Matt, Jerry & Megan,Mickey, Megan & Jerry (click on the pictures for a neat story) Matt & Megan are grown up now and Micky and Jerry went to Rainbow Bridge together.  RIP Boys you were loved by many of us. 

Ceasar, Blue and Majik

Rusty's vacation with his new Mom & Dad

Click on his picture for the full story of Rusty.


Lilly & Zach both adopted rescues to a wonderful home. Lilly is now at Rainbow Bridge with all of the other pets that have been loved and taken away much too soon. 

Alexa-finds love.

Lacy/Lexi in the comfort of her new home. . . 

with new mom  

Sasha was once living outside. . . look at this beauty now.

Jager. . . Need we say more?

Tank and "his" kids

and his canine family  

and his new buddy. 


 Sully after a hard day at the "playground"

Sweet Pup Rascal in his "mommy's" bed

Riley in her new home  


Just a "few" more adoptions.