If you believe in the power of prayer, please keep Duke in your prayers.  It has just been learned he has bone cancer.  His current family will be keeping him and keeping him comfortable for as long as he has.


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Summary: Duke is a fantastic dog who just needs a household to give him the exercise and attention he needs. 

I had been looking for a dog for a while who was energetic and friendly, so I could take him on my runs with me. I also live with my dad who has a dog, so I was hoping to find someone to keep him company during the day.

I found Duke in a Craigslist ad that said he was great with other animals, current with all shots and very energetic. I was really excited when I found him, because I know German Shepherds can run for miles without getting too worn out.

When I picked Duke up from his owner's, he jumped all over me and was acting very excited. We drove him to the pet store to find him some bones and toys that he likes before going home. When we entered the store he was fine, but as soon as he saw another dog he absolutely lost it. He was barking very loud and pulling on his leash. I don't think he has ever been around another dog because of this reaction. 
We left the pet store and drove home so we could introduce him to our current dog. We put them both outside and slowly brought them closer together to see how they react. Duke charged towards our dog and broke free from our leash, and clamped his jaw on our dog. We were able to pull him away and separate them, but he did leave a few puncture marks. Since then, Duke has been staying at my mom's house where I have been training him daily and taking him for runs. He is an extremely smart and capable dog, but he simply cannot be in a household with other dogs or cats.

I can't keep him because he does not get along with other dogs, but he will be GREAT in a household with
no other pets!

Duke is able to sit, stay, and he walks very well on a leash. He is very smart and is learning fast. He needs to have lots of exercise every day because he is very energetic. If you don't let him run around outside, he will pace around the house bored. 

I want to find him a good home where he will be taken on walks and will be able to get plenty of exercise in daily. 

He is a really great dog and is very friendly to humans! The first thing he did when I met him was roll over so I can pet his belly! 

He is  21 months old and neutered.

Comment from Jan & Deb:

Just because Duke is acting up with other dogs doesn't mean he has issues with people.  Deb & Jan both have had dogs that didn't get along with other dogs, yet they were two of the most loving dogs each of us could have had the honor of having in our homes.


Duke is not available for adoption

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