BOO - 3 -4 years old, Shepherd/Lab mix


Boo is living outside and needs to come inside where she can be loved as a member of a family.

Her owner does walk her daily.

I got your organization's name from my vet. We have a black German Shepherd/Lab mix that we rescued from people who were unable to care for her. She has had her shots and has been fixed. She is very loving and loyal.


Boo is in foster!! Yay!! 

Here is what her foster mom says about her:

Boo is turning out to be a lovely dog. They were totally wrong about small animals. She is uninterested in my 3 little dogs and calm unless she is playing. And so far she hasn't eaten the cat. She also has not had any accidents. I can't test her with small children since I don't have any around but I wouldn't think twice about introducing her to a 5 or 6 year old if the child was respectful. She likes to lay at my feet and watch TV. She has accepted being with 8 other dogs without incident. 

Sandy her foster mom is telling me on the phone how really, really sweet she is.  Telling me how the vet too just loved her when she got all her vaccinations.


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