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A Good German Shepherd Breeder WILL NOT say "CASH ONLY"! Nor will they say "Oh I can't let you visit with the sire or the dam, you know they are typical German Shepherds, very protective". 

If they even hint to anything similar to the above comments. . . RUN! Don't buy one of their dogs!!!!!

Well bred dogs will be friendly and social, which means the sire and the dam should be friendly and social. . . Otherwise you may end up with a puppy who has severe social aggression issues. 

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MUST see video of where your pet store puppy came from! (click on the underlined link) NOTE: in this video link above where he talks about taking the puppies to PET STORES & selling to Brokers. Just Remember Good Breeders DO NOT sell to pet stores! (click on the underlined link)


December 8, 1998 - February 6, 2010

Raven is the reason there is a Dogs Hope.  

Deb had been rescuing dogs for years before we met.   On Valentines day in 1999 I got this wonderful, baby girl,  Raven. I was always a Shepherd person and always an animal lover and friends knew that . . . one day I received a call from a friend who had a co-worker that needed to surrender her German Shepherd . . . Somehow I managed to find Debbie who not only helped to find a loving home for Zoe she also became a dear friend. . . 

If not for Raven we would not have met to start Dogs Hope. 

If you have adopted from us or we've helped you place your dog through Dogs Hope, it's because of my beloved Raven. 

It is with a very heavy heart and many, many tears falling on my keyboard that I type this tribute to my beautiful, loving, baby girl  Raven.


Birth date unknown - September 28, 2012

Lilly was rescued in 2006, when she first came to us she was afraid of everything. She fostered with Debbie for a little while and when she first came in she hid in the 1/2 bath for days hoping no one would notice her.

She was adopted in April and her new mommy & daddy started obedience and later she came out of her shell enough to do agility. After that she had also received her Canine Good Citizen and her TDI. 

Lilly was so very, very loved by her mommy and her daddy that she is terribly missed.

We send all our love and sympathy to Kelley & Jim who not only adopted Lilly and Sadie and Zach and Marley but have also been kind and gracious enough to foster, help transport and do home visits for Dogs Hope.

We love you Kelley and Jim.